Plexus User Testing

An audience of over twenty-thousand potential users presented an opportunity to validate design decisions across a wide spectrum of user demographics. From power users to neophytes, we gathered user data across three separate use cases and used that data to ensure that we were delivering an optimal user experience.


The screening

A considerable effort was made to ensure that we were selecting an accurate sample of test subjects across a wide spectrum of users. While gathering insights from power users was essential for this exercise, we desired input from users that were not overly familiar with the current system and could provide us with data points that would help inform a renewed platform.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.01.41 PM.png


Over 150 sessions of moderated testing were completed over the course of two days, with unmoderated sessions being conducted in parallel. This involved the set-up of 4 user testing stations, training the client-provided staff to assist in conducting moderated testing sessions, and participating in hands-on usability sessions that focused the largest areas of impact of the redesign for the back-office and retail experience for Plexus Worldwide.

The results presented possible areas of improvement around a few key areas of the redesign and allowed us to prioritize and provide solutions for portions of the user-flow that saw an increased amount of friction within the recorded sessions. The sessions themselves were also used as an indicator of the overall success of the redesign, in which users were overwhelmingly excited to express.