Cargill Salt Prototyping


Cargill Salt Prototyping

Specific shipping rules defined by the complex business requirements of Cargill Salt presented a complex problem to solve for the B2B purchasing interface. Users could begin an order from any facility that was available to their arranged business account. However, once an order was started from a facility, a full truck needed to be filled from product within that facility in order for the order to ship in accordance with the shipping rules.

This required an interface that would make it clear to the user which facility were available to order from, and how the ordering process worked in terms of facilitating a full truckload worth of product.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 12.35.27 PM.png


A lightweight program was needed that allowed me to inject data into the prototype and present a real-world scenario to the stakeholders to demonstrate the proposed solution. The prototype would need to be flexible enough to show the many different variables in play that would manipulate the layout and user flow for a B2B user. The resulting prototype also had to be easily shared to a closed audience of users to test and provide feedback.

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The concept was clearly illustrated by the prototype and buy-off was secured from the stakeholders with limited downtime for the development team. The engineering team lead was given access to the prototype as well, so that the underlying logic was clear and a consensus was built across the internal team on the best path forward to ensure on-time delivery of the proposed solution.